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​Designing The Absolute Best Wrinkle Cream For Older Women

best wrinkle cream for older women

​Originally Designed For Actresses Who Absolutely Have To Look Younger To Stay ​ To Get Parts In Hollywood Movies

New peptide based unscented wrinkle cream now available, even if you're not a Hollywood Celebrity... 

Yep, I designed this product for a semi-famous movie star? She was in a lot of movies, though no big ones. Her husband at the time, however, became quite famous.

In fact, one of his movies happens to be one of my favorites.

Dear Friends,

Wintertime brings lots of dry skin. Please give read this a read. It’s important:

Years ago, old friend Gary Halbert asked me to develop a cosmetic cream for one of his clients. Prior to this, Gary had worked with both Vicki LaMotta and Tova Borgnine (Ernie's wife) and had written the advertising copy for some of their most successful cosmetic product launches. Cool stuff.

anti aging wrinkle cream for older women

​The pressure to look young in Hollywood is incredible. Which also means that having the best wrinkle cream for older women is of the utmost importance.

Gary calls me one day out of the blue and wants me to develop a high-end wrinkle cream for his new client... Melanie Griffith. At the time she had a big company in Hollywood called One World Live. Gary flew me out there to meet Melanie, her gang and get a feel for the project.

They wanted the absolute best wrinkle cream for older women who have to look younger!

Hollywood is a little crazy for me. I’m a pretty simple Midwestern boy at heart. L.A. folks say stuff like “have your people call my people"... and

but all went well and I returned home to Illinois with my new mission:

Develop anti aging wrinkle cream for older women who absolutely had to stay looking young!

Further... Develop the most potent cosmetic product possible that required no prescription from a doctor... for Gary and ultimately Melanie. I spent lots and lots of time researching and finally called an old friend who ran one of the nation's top cosmetic labs. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "Danny, if you wanted to develop a potent anti-wrinkle cream for your wife and money was no object, what would you do?"

Danny: "I'd load it with these new Peptides I've been reading about."

Me: "New peptides eh?"

Danny: "You've got to read these new studies."

The rest was easy.

I knew I hit the jackpot. I also knew Gary and Melanie were going to love my new formula. Just one problem. When I called Gary and told him the good news... He broke some bad news to me about Melanie. "Bill, Melanie has a few problems that we need to get worked out."

Later I found out she had some problems with addiction or something like that and that the addiction was affecting her career and her company... One World Live. (She seemed like a really nice gal to be honest.) Anyway... I had a great anti-wrinkle formula for older women and no client.

I did eventually find a few clients in Europe and Turkey and then... to be totally honest... forgot completely about selling it in the U.S. until my wife (who must have seen a wrinkle or two in the mirror) asked me if we had any one day.

I also made a batch for my wife and our friends and family. (I was very surprised how many wanted an anti aging wrinkle cream for older women.)

Here's why it's a bit "off-grid." It's so loaded with cosmetic peptides (remember, from the study) that it was cost prohibitive to actually sell at a profit. We would have to sell it for $150.00 a tube to make enough money to cover all the peptides in the product and the advertising.

So here's the deal: A while back, I made enough for friends and family. But I do still have a few tubes left over. The website says $80.00 a tube and the retail is actually $150.00...

You can have a tube at $39.95 if you want. It will help us cover our hard costs at least.

The truth is... I think you'll love it and after you use it for a while... I think you'll know why I thought Melanie would have loved it too.

Oh well. Life is full of surprises.

Click the link above to get to the site and use coupon code MELANIE to get a tube of Peptique for half price. It's one of the coolest off-grid products I've ever created. Offer ends in 48 hours or when we run out. (Limit three tubes per household.)

For Movie Star Skin,

[blue signature]

Bill Heid

​President, Powerful Living

P.S. Oh… forgot this… I’ll pick up the cost of shipping and handling too if you want to grab three bottles. (assuming I still have stock).

P.P.S The Movie: 13th Warrior - Antonio Banderas

​ Designing An Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream For Older Women

​Peptides are segments of proteins and occur in a wide variety in the body exerting many important physiological functions.

best wrinkle cream for older women

​Cosmetic Peptides Used To Design The Best Wrinkle Cream For Older Women

When applied topically to a woman's skin ... peptides have been shown to have various benefits including (e.g. anti-aging activity). In the last few years, dozens of peptides are used in skin care products and there are many more currently in development. Even though peptides consist of natural components (amino acids) most peptides that are used in personal care products are synthetic.

​Unscented wrinkle cream

Peptides are extremely hydrophilic (water-soluble) and therefore easy to use in cosmetic formulas. However, peptides are fairly heat sensitive. In order to be functional, peptides must be stable in their base formula, and for best results should matched up with unscented wrinkle cream carriers that enhance their absorption into a women's skin, and they must be able to reach their targeted cell groups without completely breaking down chemically.

​Best wrinkle cream for older women?

Because peptides are small, they can penetrate the skin's protective barriers to get to the deeper layers of the dermis. If you're going to design an unscented wrinkle cream that works... powerful peptides are the answer.